Virginia Senior Classical League

Who are we?

The Virginia Senior Classical League is a group of college students  who work to support the Virginia Junior Classical League. We run Kick-off Certamen in October and State Finals for Certamen in April. For the VJCL Latin Convention we are responsible for running the testing sessions, and to host and produce That's Entertainment; a talent show.  We do many other things to make sure that the VJCLers have a great time' experience and that the convention center does not implode.

Register for the State Finals Certamen!

 This year's Finals Certamen is set for April 20, 2013 at Herndon High School. Come and show off your certamen skills at the State Finals!

 2013 Finals Certamen Registration Form

Want to be more involved in the VSCL? Apply for Member-At-Large!

Attention SCLers: Applications are now being accepted for the newly created position of Member-At-Large. The Member-At-Large is to serve as an important resource for all members, particularly secondary members as it is the only position that can be selected from either primary (4 year eligibility) or secondary (post-4 year eligibility) membership. Therefore, we would like to encourage all interested member of the SCL to apply. Completed applications are due by e-mail to VSCL President Taylor Locks ( Please put in the subject line: VSCL Member-At-Large. Applications are due by December 30th, 2012 and a decision shall be announced shortly afterwards. More details about the application process are included on the cover page of the application. However, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. 



 Member at Large Application.doc

What's going on?

Ready for convention? I sure hope so, after all it will be the highlight of the fall. So get ready! Practice your lines, put the finishing touches on the projects and if you are an SCLer sleep now or put in on hold until Monday. This years Latin convention will rock the Greater Area Richmond Convention Center harder than the earthquake ever did. Want to join in on the shenanigans, sure you do! For all you College kids email us and for those of you who wish you could be in the SCL (highschoolers) talk to your teacher!!

What is coming up next?? You may have already asked yourself this question. And just in case you have the SCL has an answer. (After all we are omniscient) Kick-off Certamen is next, so no worries. Right when your Latin withdrawl is over you can get hooked all over again. Kick-Off Certamen will be held at St. Stephens and St. Agnes School on October 15. :) It is just up around the bend! CONVENTION, the Virginia Junior Classical League Latin Convention that is; is in November! If you want to go just let us know, shoot these classy classicists an email and we will get back to you! You can find emails to any of the officers in the contact tab,

The National Junior Classical League Latin convention in Kentucky is now over! The VSCL would like to thank all those SCLers who attended the convention and made it possible for those JCLers to attend events as well as putting on That's entertainment! A big thanks also goes out to Eastern Kenutcky Univeristy for hostng this year and all others who made this convention possible. Moon Dolphins. Congrats to the Virginia Certamen teams who did very well at this convention, great job! 

The Virginia SCL now has a Youtube page, Eugepae! Please check it out our one video from National Latin Convention! 

With little sleep, the 2010 VJCL Latin Convention was completed successfully! This year we have two new officers: Vice President Jay Delano and Secretary/Treasurer Sara Van Dyke. Congrats to the both of you! Also, thank you to our outgoing officers, Ben Henkel and Rena Glavas!

 The VSCL would like to thank everyone who helped out with this year with State Finals for Certamen! Congrats to all students who participated, good job!


What to Find Out More?

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We are also on with some of the best skits you will ever see!

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